Can Cats Eat Watermelon?

Watermelon is a refreshing fruit with lots of nutrients and water which makes approximately 92%. Most people love it because it is succulent and tasty. Research has shown that watermelon presents lots of health benefits because It has a significant amount of vitamin C, vitamin B6, lycopene, amino acids, and antioxidants. Most people are wondering […]

Do Male Cats Have Nipples? | All About Cats and Nipples

Here and there, I get questions about cats. Some of these questions are quite normal, ranging from “what breed of cat is that” to “how often should I bathe my cat, if at all” , “can my cat eat olives?”.  But on occasion, I get a question regarding cat’s nipples; Do male cats have nipples? […]

Can Cats Eat Olives?

Did you open a fresh black olive can in front of your cat and the increasing meowing started? So, as an owner that spoils their cats to an extreme, you can be very tempted to give them a taste of the olives. but… Are olives bad for cats?  Olives aren’t poisonous by themselves for your […]

11 Fun Facts About Orange Cats

Orange cats have captured the hearts of many cat owners throughout the world. Whether you own an orange cat of your own, or if you don’t have one but have always been fascinated by those adorable ginger kittens, here are 11 interesting facts about these felines that you probably didn’t know.  1) All Orange Cats […]

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