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Here and there, I get questions about cats. Some of these questions are quite normal, ranging from “what breed of cat is that” to “how often should I bathe my cat, if at all” , “can my cat eat olives?”. 

But on occasion, I get a question regarding cat’s nipples; Do male cats have nipples? and if they do, why; how many nipples do cats have?; at what age do cats get nipples?; do cat nipples go away? and are nipples a sign of pregnancy?

All of these are very reasonable questions, and the answers to these questions are what this article will center around, beginning with the main question of “do male cats have nipples?”

If you would like to read shortened answers regarding all these kind of weird questions that only crazy cat people do, make your way to the bottom of the article where I have offered a summarized version. 

But if you are a true feline fan and would love to hear these questions answered in detail with a bit of personality added in, let us begin!

Do Male Cats Have Nipples?

Similar to me and you, my fellow human–unless for some reason you’re of a different species that can somehow read–male cats do have nipples. 

In the same way, male and female humans have nipples for differing reasons, so do cats. And similar to the majority of mammals, both sexes of cats are born with nipples.

On a male cat, nipples serve absolutely no purpose other than for their human owner to ponder the existence of them as they lay under a thin layer of cat fur.

However, nipples on female cats do serve a purpose; a purpose necessary for the survival of their offspring. 

After giving birth to a litter of kittens, nipples on a female cat begin to produce milk. Interestingly enough, lactation can begin before a female cat is even pregnant. This is called by vets a “false pregnancy,” and you should take your cat to the vet if this occurs.

How Many Nipples Do Cats Have?

One of the grandest questions of all! How many nipples does a cat have? The funny thing about cats is that they rarely give you a straightforward answer to your questions. 

Nipple amount–quite a funny term–varies from cat to cat. Some may have an odd amount of nipples, three on one side, four on the other. While other cats have a perfectly symmetrical eight nipples–four on both the right and left sides of the stomach. 

All of which is no cause for concern, just another cat nipple mystery. But vets, after strenuous research regarding our feline buds, have come to somewhat of an answer: if your cat has anywhere between six and eight nipples, they fall in the “normal” category. This average is for both female and male cats!

At What Age Do Cats Get Nipples?

Similar to most other mammals, cats are granted with nipples at birth. But there are very few occasions when cats are born with no nipples. I actually have a cat that was born with no nipples named Charles, and he is living his cat life to the fullest! He just needs some motivation some days when he is feeling insecure.

Do Cat’s Nipples Go Away?

Cat’s nipples do not go away. They may feel like little pimply type things on some cats, but that doesn’t mean they can pop and disappear. 

Now, the disappearance of a cat’s nipples is not something that has never happened in the feline world, but when a nipple does disappear for some unknown reason, it is best to bring your cat to the vet.

Sometimes when this question is asked, people do not mean it in the sense of a cat’s nipples literally falling off their little, feline body. They usually ask the question in the context of a female cat’s nipples drying up after pregnancy. 

The answer to that question is when the feline’s kittens are around ten weeks old their mother’s nipples dry up.

Are Nipples a Sign of Pregnancy?

The bare existence of nipples is not a sign of pregnancy, although it would be interesting for a cat to just grow nipples once they become pregnant; it would add to the ever-growing mystery behind our hairy feline children and their nipples.

Now, on a more serious note, a change in the texture and look of a cat’s nipples can signify pregnancy. Let us say I have a cat named Daisy. Before Daisy has a run-in with a boy cat that has been after her for a while, her nipples are no different than any other cat–except my cat Charles because he has no nipples, but hey. Daisy’s nipples are small and pink. Now fast forward a week or two. The needy boy cat has achieved success in courting lovely Daisy and they go at it under my house. Three weeks after their sexual–albeit loud–encounter, Daisy’s nipples are no longer the small pink pebbles that I remembered them to be. They are now darker and larger than their predecessors, and also occasionally excrete milk, which is normal.

Can You Differentiate Female and Male Cats From Their Nipples?

This is another popular question I get from those curious feline-loving souls that are wondering if their cat is a male or female because unlike many other animals, it is not the easiest question to answer. I am here to say that looking at the nipples on your cat is not a reliable, or even possible, way of determining if your cat is a male or female. 

The only way that looking at the nipples on your feline friend could hint at their gender is if the nipples have become much darker and larger since the last time you looked at them; this would insinuate that your cat may be around three weeks pregnant. But even if their nipples have gotten larger and darker, do not assign a gender to your cat if that is your only basis. I say this because a male could have a growing and darkening nipples, and it could signify a problem that the vet needs to check out.

Now that the question is answered, I am guessing you still want to know how to find out if your cat is a male or female. The easiest way would be to ask the vet during your cats next check-up. Another way is lifting the cat’s tail and looking below the anus–I know, this is something nobody wants to do, but hey. Below the anus is what vets call the “genital opening.” This “genital opening” is round in males and more of a vertical slit in females. Also, to further your confidence in assigning a gender to your cat, you can look at the distance between the genital opening and the anus. Males have a greater distance between their genital opening and anus than their female counterparts.

Shortened questions

Do male cats have nipples? Yes, both sexes of felines are born with nipples.

How many nipples do cats have? On average, both sexes of cats have between six and eight, but more or less are also normal.

At what age do cats get nipples? All cats, both male and female, are born with nipples.

Do cat’s nipples ever go away? No, your cat’s nipples should never just disappear. But if this question is regarding when your pregnant cat’s nipples will run out of milk and dry up, then that usually occurs when its kittens are around ten weeks of age.

Are nipples a sign of pregnancy? Just the bare existence of nipples is not a sign of pregnancy. But if your female cat’s nipples are becoming darker and larger, then she may be around three weeks pregnant and you should bring her to the vet.

Can you differentiate female and male cats from their nipples? No, you should never, under any circumstance, attempt to find out your cat’s gender by solely looking at their nipples. Both females and males have the same average amount of nipples with the same appearance. The only difference is when female cats are around three weeks pregnant, their nipples darken and grow larger.


Cats are quite interesting individuals, as all of us cat lovers know, but even with their unique personalities and independence, they can’t avoid the normal shortfall of nipples on male mammals.

 So do not ever be ashamed to ask the questions covered in this article to veterinarians or your local feline expert. Instead of a look of wild interest and confusion, the majority of the population would have when confronted with a question such as “do male cats have nipples”, or “are nipples a sign of pregnancy,” an expert on the matter would grow a smile on their face at the fact that they are not the only people in the world that have a curiosity about cat nipples and their uses. 

Throughout this article, I hope that your questions have been answered and your curiosities have been soothed. Do not forget to give your cat a nice tummy rub and a good compliment for me!

Do Male Cats Have Nipples? | All About Cats and Nipples

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